My Own Skin™

A True Revolution in Grafting

MyOwn Skin™ is a unique biological technology, that is a painless, non-surgical procedure which leverages a small sample of a patient’s own skin (1x1 cm), a few vials of the patient’s blood, to produce as much as three 4-inch x 4-inch sheets (300 cm2) of a patient’s own skin in as little as 7 days.

Product Benefits

My Own Skin™ is non-Invasive. There is no Operating room required, and no secondary wound. Very low rejection rate as it is grown from the patient themselves, and is 100% autologous. Painless, non-surgical, which results in improved recovery time. Intended for plastic surgery, trauma, 3rd Degree burns, ulcerations, scaffolding, cancerous skin replacement, mastectomies, C-sections, non-healing diabetic ulcers and more.

Product Reimbursement

 My Own Skin™ is classified as a skin graft, and is reimbursed under it's own Q codes. My Own Skin™ can be grown in a variety sizes, depending on the patient's needs. Simply determine what is needed and in a week the product will be back in the practice ready to be applied.

MOH's Patient Example


Example of a 70 year old man after 30 days.

Large Deep Wound


4 year old girl, pressure wound from cast,

 60 days total healing time.

Burns and Large Coverage


1 year old child with burns, less than two months from picture 1 to picture 3.