Fun Sculpting™


Gold Standard Body Sculpting System

Manufactured in Germany since 2010, the Fun Sculpting™ System has lead the  market in Europe and Asia and is the "Gold Standard" in body sculpting. Introduced in North America in 2016.

Unique Benefits and Design

A gold blunt tip canula is vibrated at  3200-4200 RPMs, creating a harmonic wave that glides through fat without interfering with underlying blood vessels, nerve endings or fascia. Resulting in aspiration of up to 6 liters per hour.  As a closed loop system, all aspirated fat cells are not exposed to air, creating the highest cells viability in the market.  No need to spin or strain prior to transfer, with a cell viability of 85%-95%. 

Patient Friendly

There is no BMI restrictions, so patients over 28 BMI can undergo the procedure. The harmonic wave creates a TENS sensation, allowing for procedure to be performed under local anesthetic. This decreases procedural time and endables the patient to go back to work in 36 hours with out post-operative pain medication. Rapid healing time means happier patients, which leads to more referrals.

Unparalleled Support

2 year full warranty, 5 year no-cost upgrades. Hands-on training by Fun Sculpting™ professionals.

Full 30-day no questions money back guarantee from patient 1.

Greater Revenue Generation

The ease of the system's use and patient advantages allows any doctor, PA-C, and NP use the Fun Sculpting System. Very low procedural costs, and can be performed in a non-surgical environment. The closed loop system enables smooth and faster fat transfers. Greater options for you and your patients.