BioGenix Stem Cells


The BioGenix Difference

BioGenix owns the collection and manufacturing process from donor selection to delivery to the practitioner. Their sterile lab is located in California and follows all FDA, NIH, AABB, and AATB guidelines. BioGenix is the exclusive provider to the Veteran's Administration for 157 hospitals, and the only stem cell provider on the Federal Supply Schedule after extensive 17 month vetting. 


Product Points

 Derived from umbilical cord blood and Wharton's Jelly, resulting in a refined product with predominantly mesenchymal stem cells. Each product is made fresh to order, ensuring the highest quality cells. Over 80% viability for MSCs containing markers CD73, CD90, and CD105. Contains over 440 key growth factors, including VEGF, SCF, FGF-2, and IL-ra. The products are DMSO free, increasing stability post thaw. Available in 10 million and 30 million per cc, and 400 million per cc MSC exosome (lyophilized powder). All shipped overnight in dry ice cubes.


Additional Benefits

There are an ever growing number of uses for stem cells.  BioGenix stem cells truly exceed the industry standard.  Additional marketing and patient payment options are offered through corporate, ensuring the greatest return on your investment. If you are using stem cells, you need to have BioGenix stem cells in your practice.